This years first local market visit in Dortmund.

This morning Carmen cycled with her new Stevens trekking bike to the local market, bought some flowers, fresh vegetables and fruits – off course without plastic wrapping – and met some of our friends for a coffee.

If the weather is as great as in Dortmund this weekend, enjoy it and go out for a ride or walk.

Let us know what you have you planned to do something good for yourself this weekend: ”walk, run & roll”. :))

4 km = 0.04€ for #KilometerForDoingSomethingGood

Surprise, surprise

After a rainy and stormy Ireland and a freezing-cold and snowy week in Germany, finally we had great weather conditions last Sunday. The sun was shining, 6°C and we jumped on our bikes. Cycling on our new Stevens trekking bikes across and around Dortmund, brought us some nice surprises.

First we saw along the ”Emscher-Radweg” a stork catching fishes for his lunch. 🙂 Via the largest legal graffiti wall the ”Rennbahnmauer” in Wambel, we stopped for a coffee break, at a bakery in Dutch style: ”Das Schürener Backparadies”. The staff was running around in typical Dutch farmer style and they even sold the one and only ”Calvé Pindakaas” and ”De Ruijter Geboortemuisjes”.

Udo, the guy from Berlin and one of the older staff members but no Dutch at all, told us, while cleaning the tables, about his funny experiences with his grandma at the mortician and promised Marc to talk with his boss if it is possible to bake some original Dutch ”tompoucen” for Kingsday. That bakery will be our cycling target on April 27th again definitely :))))

66 km = 0,66€ for #KilometerForDoingSomethingGood



Downtime in Ireland.

Thinking, talking, reading, drawing, writing, cooking, walking and cycling. Four weeks away from daily stress. Focussing on ourselves, our goals and time to reflect the time in the past.

We love this country because of the people, their focus of basic things in life, the beautiful scenery and off course: the whiskey :)))

The wind, the rain and cold stopped us from cycling a lot during our one month downtime in one of our favorite countries: Ireland. We did it just once, therefore we went for daily walks and saw amazing sceneries at any time of the day. All in all more we have been walking more than 200 kilometer. That‘s a better start as last year. :)))


Vätternrundan 2017: a marathon around a Swedish lake

Starting in the evening and finishing more than 20 hours later. Our experience during the 300 kilometers cycling marathon around the Vättern lake in Sweden.


Big Apple by bike: the 5 Boro Bike Tour in 2017

1 day, 5 Boros and more then 30.000 cyclists across the heart of the city which never sleeps: New York.