Charity ”Kilometer for Doing Something Good”. Join us.

In 2017 we have started the charity initiative “Kilometer for Doing Something Good”. While riding your bikes or walking the trails, you do something good yourselves and others. It’s easy to combine leisure with charity!

How? Track your kilometers during your activities in one year and donate per kilometer 0.01 € to several charities or people you care about.

In 2018 and 2019 we collect our kilometers for:

In 2017 we have been cycling 5.667 km totally and have donated the double sum of 113.34 € to the following charity organizations:

Do you want to join us?

You can join us, collecting kilometers or height meters by cycling, running and walking. If you like the idea, but you want to support your own local charities, no problem. It’s up to you and your free choice.

Everyone can join and it’s free. It’s about having fun by being active, doing sports,  doing something healthy for yourself and at the same time for others. It’s not about being the best or the fastest. There’s no competition at all. Do it as slow or as fast as you want, whatever you prefer. But, … every kilometer or hight meter counts for “Kilometer for Doing Something Good”.

Our Goal: 25,000 kilometer.

Let’s try to reach 25,000 kilometer together in 2019. All together. That would be amazing and great goal if we could donate 250 € to those mentioned charities.

Join “Kilometer for Doing Something Good”, jump on your bike or put on your running or walking shoes, cycle, walk or run to your office, the local supermarket, and start collecting your kilometers and height meters now, to crack the limit of 25,000 kilometers. Even when it’s just a good reason to get out of your lazy chair.

How it works?

1.) The easiest way is to count your kilometer or height meter by tracking them on your smartphone, with a cycling and running App. For example Strava. It’s also a good motivation, to see, for example, how much kilometers you have done, the duration of your activity or what your speed was.

2.) Become member of the “Kilometer for Doing Something Good” group in Strava:

3.) Publish and share your activities in your social media by using the hashtag #KilometerforDoingSomethingGood
For example:

2,8 km = 0.03 €
It’s sunny and I enjoy my daily ride in the office. #KilometerforDoingSomethingGood

46 km = 0.46 €
Uhh, my bottom hurts after a ride on my brand new e-bike, but I feel great now. #KilometerforDoingSomethingGood

4.) last but not least, donate all your collected kilometers and/or height meters at the end of the year to the charities mentioned above or your own preferred local charity.

If you have questions please let us know. Take care, have fun, be careful on the road and hope to hear from you.

Our warmest and sporty greetings,